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Corpus of Historical Slovak

The current version hist-4.0 containing 917 586 tokens has been available since November 11, 2016.

The version includes following documents:

The texts have not been lemmatized nor morphologically annotated. User can search for a word form or use CQL.

Version 3.0

The third version hist-3.0 containing 836 393 tokens was released in February 2015.

Version 2.0

The second version hist-2.0 containing 551 973 tokens was released in October 2014.

The database included the following books: Valaská škola mravúv stodola (by Hugolín Gavlovič), Weselé Učinki, a Rečeňj (by Jozef Ignác Bajza) and several shorter historical texts.

Version 1.0

The first version his-1.0 containing 370 758 tokens was released in December 2012. It contained electronically processed texts published in Pramene k dejinám slovenčiny, I. - III.