Welcome to my homepage.

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Slovenska verzia je tu.

Yes, this is my very own WWW homepage. Note that it is under construction and will remain so. Also note that the information here is hopelessly outdated.

  1. Something about me. An obligatory part...
  2. Something not about me. Here is some other stuff, sometimes interesting, sometimes not.
  3. Something about outside world. A few links out.
  4. Software. Some of my humble programs.
  5. Debian packages I maintain.
  6. My Sinclair ZX Spectrum page. The greatest computer ever.
  7. Would you like to commit suicide, but can't decide how ?
  8. Odds and ends. Various stuff I felt like making available... unlike Something not about me, this is not interesting at all...

If you want to express your positive feelings towards my person or my www-page and you look like this, you may do it personally.
But if you look like this, do it only this way. And if you happen to be as ugly as this, do not even try to let me know that you exist.

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